Benetton Building in Tehran / Mustafa Azari

ساختمان تجاری ـ اداری بنتون در تهران
معمار: مصطفی آذری
موقعیت: تهران، ایران
تاریخ: 1388
مساحت: 2،400 مترمربع
وضعیت: طرح پیشنهادی مسابقه
کارفرما: گروه بنتون
تیم پروژه: حامد مهمان‌نواز، سعید دهقان


طراحی ساختمان تجاری ـ اداری بنتون در تهران، با توجه به ملاک‌های شاخص بازارهای سنتی ایران انجام شده است؛ حرکت به مثابه عنصر درک فضای بازارهای سنتی، توسط خطوط به‌هم‌پیوسته در پوسته نما مورد توجه قرار گرفته است و پوسته نما علاوه بر ایفای نقش خود، قسمتی از مسئولیت سازه را نیز به دوش می‌کشد.


Benetton Building in Tehran
Architect: Mustafa Azari
Location: Tehran, Iran
Date: 2009
Area: 2,400 sqm
Status: Competition Proposal
Benetton Group
Project Team: Hamed Mehmannavaz, Saeed Dehghan

Movement is the main factor in perception of traditional Iranian Bazaar. Movement conception can joint the local identity and modern building. As mentioned in diagrams, movement factor make the whole shape of building. In the outside view of this building,  the movement factor is showed. Noticing to the regional form is another attraction point of this project. In spite of the modern instruments in bottom of this building which is in direct view of observer, the regional form is used. This project design not only harmonizes with its surrounding regional form and landscape, but also prompt its environment.

In south part of building, the sustainability is supported by green house. Green house phenomena and flowing of air in the outside the building, not only play the role of lighting in the inside space, but also play the controlling of light. Emphasizing on inner issues, avoiding from dipping and nodding, minimizing the contacting the levels with pollution, dust and raining with use of new technology is another aspect of this project identity. The surrounding trees is also noticed; the vertical line of outside view of building and horizontal line of trees inspire the sinews of context which face with each other in third dimension.

In design of inside part of the building, the movement factor is also included. Creating a dynamic space, slippery, unlimited as well as omitting the old identity of floor is possible with suspense cube. The direction movement of ramp in the inside space of trading building memorize the movement of passage road in Iranian urban, specially bazaar.

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