Ganj-e Danesh Apartment Complex / Architecture by Collective Terrain (AbCT)

مجتمع آپارتمانی گنج دانش
معمار: دفتر معماری کالکتیو ترین (رامین مهدی‌زاده)
موقعیت: تهران، ایران
تاریخ: 1385
مساحت: 1000 مترمربع
وضعیت: ساخته‌شده
کارفرما: علیرضا گنج دانش
سازه: رضا مهدی‌زاده
اجرا: رامین مهدی‌زاده، بهمن شکوریان
گرافیک: رامین مهدی‌زاده، امید خداپناهی

عکس: امید خداپناهی
جوایز: رتبه دوم گروه مجتمع‌های آپارتمانی جایزه معمار 1385


Ganj-e Danesh Apartment Complex
Architect: Architecture by Collective Terrain (AbCT) (Ramin Mehdizadeh)
Location: Tehran, Iran
Date: 2006
Area: 1000 sqm
Status: Completed
Client: Alireza Ganj-e Danesh
Other Collaborators and Partners: Hyeoun Kim, Hanna Lee, Janghee Yoo, Namjoo Kim, Siyoung Kim
Structure: Reza Mehdizadeh
Construction: Ramin Mehdizadeh, Bahman Shakoorian
Graphic: Omid Khodapanahi, Ramin Mehdizadeh
Photo: Omid Khodapanahi
Awards: 2nd Place of Memar Award 1385


Site is located in a 10-meters alley. We have combined a 4-bedrooms apartment with two 3-bedrooms apartments and a loft space, in a common size lot (450 sqm) in Tehran. Two 3-bedrooms apartments are combined with a loft space, in the first and second floors. The key point to design this diversity in a limited lot is organization and harmony.

The loft has a bedroom and a workroom which are located in the second floor. This space has two entrances, one in the first floor, and the next in the second floor are connected with a wooden bridge which is supported by two beams. The loft has a 3-dimensional space with the void and bridge in the middle. The bathroom in the first floor is separated by material and form. The form is a simple cube detached from the bridge on the top. Because the client has one of the oldest publishing companies in Iran and he and his family have a great passion towards book, we dedicated so many spaces for bookshelfs inside the loft.

We have used bricks inside the residential space. It creates more comfortable and cozy especially for the residential space. The forms of fireplace and the other objects are simple without any ornament. To create more challenging space, we use some holes inside the walls and ceiling. The color of furniture is harmonious with the color of the woods used in the interior design. Special attention toward lighting is dominant in the space.

There are some unused spaces available between the bracing elements. We have used these spaces as some holes to create innovative lighting accessories. Although these lighting elements are not expensive, the quality of light is quite unique. The holes are located in the walls randomly. The material of the walls is brick and thanks to use of holes and the other details. It seems more valuable. The quality of natural lights inside the staircase is different from the conventional use of natural lights. During the day, it will be changed and during the night, it creates lighting for the exterior spaces. It can change the façade during the night.

The main façade is north facade. We have used travertine stone as the main material in the facade. The use of travertine is not the same as the common use of tiles. The stone blocks are 5*20 cm and stick together with zero joint.

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